19 de enero de 2015

Por una vez, en inglés

Por una vez y sin que sirva de precedente, cedo el espacio a un seguidor que envía al Rincón una colaboración en inglés. Parece que la globalización ha llegado a los últimos reductos de la Red


And, once again, the same story went by... young people from several countries met around a large table, a round table, and started exchanging questions on the cultural differences among their own countries ("how do you introduce yourself in a meeting, either personal or business", "what time do you go to sleep in a usual working day", etc.).
Then a French girl, quite seriously, asked: "WHICH IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN IN JAPAN?"; that boy, the Japanese boy, answered, immediately and with sudden deep conviction: "THE SAME AS IN EUROPE, I SUPPOSE".

Alberto Sáez Serrano

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